Easter Memories :: The Panoramic Easter Egg

I have never really gotten into the whole Easter Bunny thing. When my kids were little we would do an Easter egg hunt for them and that was fun. My kids’ father felt differently and we’d actually argue over leaving eggs around the house as if the real Easter Bunny, like Santa, actually came in the night and hid them. The concept of the Easter Bunny seemed so dumb to me- even a little creepy. Like this guy:


I’ve been trying to come up with my own Easter memories and thought of one that warms my heart. My grandma used to give me and my sister a beautiful panoramic sugar egg every Easter.┬áThe hollow sugar egg, a vestige of Victorian Easter traditions, had a peephole at one end. Inside was a miniature scene of bunnies, chicks, or even children playing. We’d put them on our bookshelf and keep them for as long as they’d last, occasionally peering into the little bunny world inside.

Panoramic eggs


Aren’t they cool? Happy Easter everyone!