Choose To Be Positive!


mindfulness and choosing to stay positive

Yesterday I had jury duty! I dragged my ass out of bed and went about my morning routine trying to have a good attitude about doing my part as an American citizen. It turned out to be a very weird day. I could look at it 2 ways: super shitty or super lucky. Here’s the story:

Somehow, at 52 years of age, I have never served on a jury. I have been called for jury duty but I always had a reason to get out of serving. I was either in graduate school, had kids under 12, or some other valid exemption. Since I procrastinate when it comes to opening my mail (it’s one of the tasks I loathe along with picking up dry-cleaning and emptying the dishwasher,) I didn’t open my summons until 1 week before my actual date. I had to get up extra early, fight traffic, and be herded in with throngs of people. Honestly it was a complete cluster-f**k. So discouragingly disorganized! I ended up waiting for 5 hours- 7 in total if you count leaving early, parking and the time it took to find where I parked my car. For all of that I never even saw the inside of a courtroom.

I have 2 choices:

“The day was a colossal aggravating waste of time. The system is inefficient and screwed up. I hope I never have to face a jury because these people are nuts. I had to reschedule clients and consequently lose income. I had to cancel my desperately needed haircut appointment. I spent 5 hours standing and waiting in a hallway rather than doing something productive.”


“I am so lucky! I could have been sequestered for 7+ days serving on the jury for a capital murder trial, missing work and having to forgo all news, social media, and talking about it with friends and family, BUT the murderer pleaded guilty and waived his right to a trial. So I had the good fortune to go home early, AND, I made a new friend while I was doing all that waiting. I was able to read half of my book (so apropos,) Rising Strong by Brene Brown. I was able to to make my original haircut appointment because the stylist hadn’t filled the slot. I even made it to my favorite yoga class. It was a great day!”

The point is that we always have a choice. We can look at any situation through a negative or positive lens. I’m going to be mindful of choosing the positive view!