When Kids go back to college :: How to weather the transition

Summer Break

I have a summer break hangover.You know that feeling when you are hungover after a fun night out? You’re in a world of hurt, but the sweet memories make it all worthwhile. That’s how I’m feeling today: exhausted and overwhelmed in the wake of having my kids come home to roost this summer.

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The Gift of Rituals at Midlife

Rituals at Midlife


Sameness. Comfort. Meaning. Commitment. These are the cornerstones of rituals, the sacred rites we practice throughout our lives. Ebbing and flowing with time, rituals catalog our memories and breathe meaning into our life stories. It is hard to reach midlife without riding a sea of changes: in our relationships (divorce, loss, children launching), our careers, and our physical bodies. When you feel like you’re drowning, rituals are buoys to hold onto and regain balance.

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Mourning the Loss of a Legend :: Prince

#RIPPRINCE, midlife, Prince Dies at 57

My heart is heavy today with the loss of a legend, Prince. His incomparable talent and music are so interwoven into American culture, that most of us midlifers have a “Prince” memory that serves as a touchstone of our youth.

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