Who took my spot? Why We Always Pick the Same Seat

yoga namaste

Dammit, someone took my spot! My Sunday yoga class is my holy hour and a half where I connect with myself, God, and my special yoga friends. Every Sunday I lay out my mat in the same spot, and I am at peace, ready to work my body through a series of poses and sweat my way to balance in preparation for the week to come. But someone hijacked my spot! How dare they? Since I try to practice the Yamas and Nyamas of yoga (in this case nonviolence and noncovetousness), I feel compelled to question my strong feelings about this situation. Should I try to steal it back? Why does it bother me so much? Is the universe sending me a message that I need to move my mat? Should I surrender and let it go?  Being the therapist that I am, I decided to look into the psychology behind where we choose to sit.

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