Fall Fashion Trends :: Great Finds Under $100

Fall Fashion Under $100

“Back-to-school” time always has me jonesing for some new fall clothes. The fall transition can be tricky, especially when it still feels like summer outside. I look for budget-friendly options (still trying to get my financial self together) in a warmer palette that add texture and can be layered as the temperatures drop.  Add any of these affordable picks to your wardrobe staples and you’ll be set!

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Cognitive Dissonance and the 2016 Presidential Election

Gandhi quote

The presidential race is getting to me. I’m experiencing some serious cognitive dissonance.

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Feeling Beachy :: Summer Vacation Fantasy


Tulum Ruins, Amansala

Tulum via

Today I’m feeling beachy. The brutal heat here is too much- take me too the water!  I want to feel the sand in my toes, hear seagulls squawking, and smell the ocean. I’m dreaming of floating in the ocean, savoring fresh ceviche by the beach, practicing yoga, basking in the sun and doing nothing. I want feel that special blend of exhaustion and satisfaction that comes from a full day spent outdoors. I’m longing to relax, recalibrate, and escape.

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