Monday Motivator :: MAC Strength Ad

spring2013_macstrength001Not just a Monday motivator but a 2013 motivator! Serbian figure competitor Jenna Abbou is awesome! If she doesn’t motivate you to get in shape then nobody can! MAC really got it right with this ad. She is not a celebrity and isn’t weird-looking- and although she is kind of muscle-y, she isn’t all spray-tanned with bleached hair like most body-builders. WOW!

I love it!

Christmas Gifts for Mom :: Everything I Wanted and More!

What I Gor for Christmas!

You know how the holidays can be stressful? Well mine often are. As my daughter says, “Someone always cries.” And someone did, but it wasn’t a big deal. This year we celebrated Christmas early and left town a day before the twenty-fifth. For some reason that made things much less stressful. Weirdly, my kids got along with each other. I received  great presents from everyone- some surprises and a couple of things I asked for. We’ve been slammed with sickness this holiday season so this post is a little late. I’m only now starting to feel like a normal person. I haven’t even taken down my tree. Have you? Is anyone else back to normal yet?

Hope Amidst Sadness

Image via Time

I am so deeply saddened by the Sandy Hook Massacre that I can’t find words to describe it. The need for gun control laws is evident. I don’t understand why anyone who is not a police officer or in the military needs to own a gun. Period. I guess if you live on a farm and need to hunt for food then you need a shotgun or rifle- but not a handgun or semi-automatic weapon. Look at what keeps happening people!!!!! I am choosing to be hopeful that this horrible event will bring about change. I am choosing to look at the good in people. Bailey McCarthy linked to a beautiful article on her website. Please read 26 Moments that Restored our Faith in Humanity This Year and hold on to hope.