Feeling Beachy :: Summer Vacation Fantasy


Tulum Ruins, Amansala

Tulum via

Today I’m feeling beachy. The brutal heat here is too much- take me too the water!  I want to feel the sand in my toes, hear seagulls squawking, and smell the ocean. I’m dreaming of floating in the ocean, savoring fresh ceviche by the beach, practicing yoga, basking in the sun and doing nothing. I want feel that special blend of exhaustion and satisfaction that comes from a full day spent outdoors. I’m longing to relax, recalibrate, and escape.

If I could wave a majic wand, I’d travel to Amansala resort in Tuluum, Mexico, where I’d have seven sun-filled days at Bikini Boot Camp to sweat out my worries, unplug, and enjoy the company of new friends. Maybe I’d retreat to Anamaya in Costa Rica, to deepen my yoga practice and zipline across the jungle. Or I’d jaunt to the soft white beaches of Seaside, Florida, where I’d melt into the ocean air, soaking up sun, juicy lobster rolls, buttery wine and dark cherry ice cream.

Feeling Beachy

I wouldn’t need to bring much:

  1. A pretty graphic swimsuit
  2. An embroidered tunic to throw on over my suit or workout clothes
  3. This breezy maxi dress
  4. Straw tote bag to carry all of your stuff
  5. Pretty pink polish
  6. Colorful beach towel
  7. Scented body oil to soothe sun-kissed skin
  8. Comfortable sandals
  9. A good summer book, of course

A girl can dream, right? Where would you like to go?

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