Christmas Gifts for Mom :: Everything I Wanted and More!

What I Gor for Christmas!

You know how the holidays can be stressful? Well mine often are. As my daughter says, “Someone always cries.” And someone did, but it wasn’t a big deal. This year we celebrated Christmas early and left town a day before the twenty-fifth. For some reason that made things much less stressful. Weirdly, my kids got along with each other. I received  great presents from everyone- some surprises and a couple of things I asked for. We’ve been slammed with sickness this holiday season so this post is a little late. I’m only now starting to feel like a normal person. I haven’t even taken down my tree. Have you? Is anyone else back to normal yet?

Hope Amidst Sadness

Image via Time

I am so deeply saddened by the Sandy Hook Massacre that I can’t find words to describe it. The need for gun control laws is evident. I don’t understand why anyone who is not a police officer or in the military needs to own a gun. Period. I guess if you live on a farm and need to hunt for food then you need a shotgun or rifle- but not a handgun or semi-automatic weapon. Look at what keeps happening people!!!!! I am choosing to be hopeful that this horrible event will bring about change. I am choosing to look at the good in people. Bailey McCarthy linked to a beautiful article on her website. Please read 26 Moments that Restored our Faith in Humanity This Year and hold on to hope.