Isn’t it supposed to be summer?

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.
-Sam Keen
Is anyone having a relaxing summer? I have had moments but relaxation? It’s not happening. Three teenagers at home with too much time on their hands. I have to work but it’s slow, so I feel stressed that I’m not working more. But I really can’t and don’t want to work more. BECAUSE MY KIDS ARE UP TO NO GOOD WHILE I’M GONE! Or at least, that’s what my parents would think so I should think that too, or should I?
The truth is that there are so many things I have to do: get my daughter ready to leave for college next month, get my youngest son packed to go on a wilderness trip in 2 days, get my son off to another lacrosse tournament so that he can get recruited and go to college. OMG! What about walking up to the plaza to get ice cream? What about swimming, cooking out, and working in the yard…all of those summer activities? What about a vacation that doesn’t involve me chaperoning or attending a wedding. A real, responsibility-free vacation? I know, I’m venting but geez, life is too busy. I need to appreciate the beauty of what I do have this summer: my kids are at home, I don’t have to get anyone up for school, and the only schedule I have to worry about is my own.