50 Good Things About Pushing 50!

This will be an on-going post. I haven’t yet come up with 50 good things, but I’ll keep adding until I get there. If you’re in your 40’s or close to 50, please send me your ideas and I’ll add them to the list!

1. You look better if you’re not too thin.

2. You’re finally at a place where you don’t care what other people think.

3. You can talk about sex, and no one thinks you’re a slut.

4. You are happy for (rather than jealous of) young, super-cool women who are really pretty and have good jobs.

5. You’ve already had kids and don’t have to be pregnant again.

6. You look better if you’re not too thin (yes, I meant to say it again!)

7. Sitting on the couch and watching HBO is fun.

8. You are able to stop drinking before you throw up.

9. You read about history because it’s interesting.

10. You are able to say “no.”

11. You are able to forgive yourself for all of the stupid mistakes you made in your twenties.

12. You genuinely want to help others (or you should).

13. You know you’re okay the way you are, or you’re getting there….

15. You understand that life is not easy but it’s good.

That’s all I have so far…  I turn 49 on Monday, which is blah. But 50? I can’t wait!

Think about it


“What follows the two simple words, “I Am”, will determine what type of life you have….  Instead of saying negative “I Ams”, – “I am unfocused. I am never going to succeed”,… declare “I am blessed, confident, loved, accepted.” When you change your “I Ams,” your life will change for the better.”

-Joel Osteen

 I am not a particularly religious person, but I occasionally stumble onto hearing Joel Osteen. TOTALLY RANDOM! I’ve stopped by his Sunday sermon while channel surfing, I’ve seen him on Pierce Morgan’s show, and today I saw a clip of his new interview with Oprah. Oprah? I find myself mesmerized by his face. He looks deliriously happy! I want what he’s taking! I know what you’re thinking,  “I’d be happy too if I were a successful and famous gazillionaire.” Right? However, I do believe that true happiness has to come from within. In my day job, I am always telling people to create the life they want. I like Mr. Osteen’s way of paring it down: change your “I Am’s” and your life will follow.

Have a great Thursday!

Monday Motivator :: Diana Vreeland



“There’s only one very good life, and that’s the life you know you want, and you make it yourself.” –Diana Vreeland

This weekend I saw “Diana Vreeland- The Eye Has to Travel.” Mrs. Vreeland’s passion for style, fashion, and every other aspect of her work is truly inspiring. Even though she wasn’t conventionally beautiful, she was the embodiment of what I find most beautiful in people: spirit and originality. The film is imbued with her infectious spirit. I loved it!