Gift Guide :: Mother’s Day!

mother's day gift

Mother’s Day is around the corner! Show mom some love with a special gift! I like to give gifts that I know she’d love but wouldn’t buy for herself. Take it from a mom, when it comes to Mother’s Day; we love any gift from our kids. It’s truly the thought that counts!

  1. A slim flatlet to carry cash and cards on the fly.
  2. A pretty crown catchall to hold the “Queens” jewels.
  3. Let mom get a personalized outfit sent to her from Stitchfix
  4. Cute Tassel earrings to spruce up her summer outfit
  5. Gold hoops are always in style
  6. “Mother knows best” tee. Give a gift that gives back to moms in need.  100% of the proceeds from your purchase will go towards the programs that Every Mother Counts supports, which link women to critical maternal healthcare in the U.S. and around the world.
  7. Every mom can use a perfect clutch for summer
  8. Surprise her with snazzy sandals
  9. A breezy summer scent is always welcome
  10. Love these adorable planters

Last-Minute Gift Guide for the Over-40 Woman in Your Life

Gift Guide for Middle Aged Woman
1. I want these delicate fern earrings in oxidized silver now!
2. This NAKED2 palette because we all know that shimmery eyeshadow for older eyelids is a “no-no.”
3. The agate necklace is straight-up cool for New Year’s Eve.
4. A blush-colored fur infinity scarf is gives you a youthful glow and keeps you warm!
5. Dr. Martens Chelsea boots are a blast from the past that is still cool today.
6.  You’re never too old for hip nail polish.
7. A luxe key chain for those pesky disappearing car keys (see below)
8. This will help minimize the frantic, early morning search for your keys.
9. A Love pillow always sends the right message.
Wishing you all a very merry holiday!

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Gift Guides…What?

It is only November 8th. Why are there so many gift guides around the blogosphere already? Do these people have kids? I do and there’s no way I can be that organized. I’ll be putting together a 2012 gift guide soon. Stay tuned. Here’s a gift guide for me: I’ll take one of each!


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