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Upspire foundation

People who do the work to enact change and help others inspire me. I’m proud to say that my cousin, Harris Darver, is one of those people. Personally transformed after climbing and summitting Mt. Rainier in 2014, Harris felt compelled to find a way to give individuals in under-served communities the opportunity to experience and benefit from the great outdoors as he had. So he followed through and created the Upspire Foundation. Upspire’s mission is “to elevate local charities through outdoor adventure campaigns, ultimately inspiring individuals by exposing them to both the outdoors and non-profits.”

“If Upspire can provide encouragement to someone facing personal challenges, give opportunities to deserving young Greenvillians and instill newfound confidence, a love for the outdoors and an ability to think critically in our scholarship recipients, we will know we’ve made a difference.”
– Harris Darver, founder and chief executive officer of Upspire

Upspire’s inaugural project is to summit the Grand Tetons, in Wyoming. They have selected GOAT ( as the charity recipient. Funds raised will provide scholarships for at-risk youth to attend an outdoor summer program.

Please click HERE to read more about Upspire and donate to a good cause!

**Donated funds do not sponsor the climb itself. Net proceeds are given directly to the sponsored charity each year

Feeling Beachy :: Summer Vacation Fantasy


Tulum Ruins, Amansala

Tulum via

Today I’m feeling beachy. The brutal heat here is too much- take me too the water!  I want to feel the sand in my toes, hear seagulls squawking, and smell the ocean. I’m dreaming of floating in the ocean, savoring fresh ceviche by the beach, practicing yoga, basking in the sun and doing nothing. I want feel that special blend of exhaustion and satisfaction that comes from a full day spent outdoors. I’m longing to relax, recalibrate, and escape.

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