Yoga :: Life Lessons Learned on My Mat

yoga for women over 40

I came to yoga at the ripe old age of 51. What started as a 30-day challenge has extended to a year-long practice that I plan to continue as long as my body will allow me to do so. Along the way, I’ve become a yoga evangelist, singing its praises whenever I can! I discovered that yoga is a mirror of life. The following are six life lessons I learned on my mat:

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Fitness Motivation :: New Workout Clothes!

what to wear: YOGA


1./4. Feel pretty while you practice in a peachy tank and tie-dyed yoga pants.

2. I love using a Skidless Mat Towel™ on top of the stinky studio mats.  They’re easy to carry around and pop in the wash!

3. Might as well get some new kicks too.

5. I know you don’t really need a matching water bottle but it sure does look good and it’s eco-friendly.

6. Throw on a cute cover up to look put together post-workout.