BAM 2016 Recap :: Dancing Through Midlife



If you tell me there’s a dance party, I’ll be there. And dance we did! Any awkwardness I felt about attending my first blog conference was quickly dispelled by this diverse group of women who are gracefully dancing through midlife. Their confidence, competence, and courage blew me away! Above all, I was invigorated by laughing and learning with kindred spirits at BAM 2016.

These women know their stuff! The speakers engaged us with informative presentations, punctuated with generous doses of humor, on their respective areas of expertise. I was inspired to learn more by the following

Be true to yourself. My overwhelming takeaway from the weekend was the prescription to be authentic. Be your sexy, funny, active, assertive, smart, entrepreneurial, nurturing, compassionate, and stylish selves and the rest will follow as it should.

We’re all in this together. Whether hearing about things to come in “old age,” (did I need to know about heroin abuse?) learning the intricacies of social media and writing, dancing the night away, or taking the strangest yoga class ever, we can laugh and have fun through it all if we reach out and connect with our people.

Here’s to BAM 2017!

Note: Unfortunately, I missed the Saturday afternoon presentations. Find the full list of speakers here.



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