5 Ways to Get Financially Organized for Tax Season (and avoid a nervous breakdown)

5 ways to avoid a nervous breakdown during tax season


Well, once again I’ve been running around like a crazy person trying to get my shit together for my 2015 tax return. Every year I vow to do better, and it just doesn’t happen! This year was even worse because I moved and consequently have had to rummage through every box labeled office. What a nightmare! I’m giving myself a “get financially organized” challenge for the coming year. I’ll let you know how it goes…

  1. Schedule your bill payments online to avoid late fees.
  2. Go paperless to have online records that are easily accessible. Usually, when you do this you will get reminders, bills, statements via email- and we all check our email.
  3. Set up a filing system in a convenient place in your home so you will see it daily! Visual reminders are essential for the organizationally challenged. The Container Store carries lots of pretty options to blend in with your decor.
  4. Include a receipt folder in said file box.
  5. Download one of the many helpful apps (see below) to help you stay on top of your financial situation. These can assist in a multitude of personal finance needs: educating you about options for saving, investing, paying down debt, and where you are spending your money.

Remember to be kind to yourself. Making lifestyle changes is a process that takes practice!


top personal finance apps

  1. Learnvest is a customized financial planning program designed to help you meet your personal goals. Whether you’re interested in saving for retirement, paying down debt, or understanding where your money is going every month, this program will meet your needs at a lower cost than traditional financial planners. ($249/yr  paid once or monthly.) A live financial planner who is available 24/7  via email to answer questions or discuss your plan. Cost: app: free, financial plan program $249 annually/$19 per month
  2. Mint puts all of your financial information in one place so you can get a complete picture of your spending. It connects to all of your accounts and tracks and categorizes your spending, bills, and investments. Set up is easy through their user-friendly interface. Cost: free
  3. Spendbook is an app that runs on iOS.7 or later only and offers helpful tools to track your income, spending, and saving. There are lots of cool features such as a the ability to snap and store photos of your receipts- helpful at tax time! All of your income and expenses can be viewed on a calendar so you can see the big-picture at any time. Cost: $1.99

What works well for you to stay on track financially? Please share in the comments!

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