3 Things To Do When You’re Snowed In


snow covered Dallas home

This has been a crazy week down here in Dallas. Last Monday we had “thunder sleet.”  What the hell is that? It was a bad week for business as Texans go into panic mode at the first sign of ice- and we’ve had 4 days this past week. It’s been beautiful but frustrating. Cabin fever has set in. Here’s what I did to stay busy.

3 things to do when you're snowed in

1. Binge watch a TV series: I’ve watched 8 episodes of season 3 of House of Cards, which was released Friday on Netflix. Frank is as corrupt as ever and Claire is still cool and controlled; however the series lacks the emotional impact of season 1. There isn’t a character like Paul that you really care about, a character with a good heart to balance out his corruption. The most interesting story line this season involves Frank commissioning his biography. Frank hires Tom Yates, the man who developed  Frank’s  favorite video game. It turns out that the author refuses to write the propagandistic book Frank wants. He wants to commemorate the President’s humanity so people can know the man. We’ll see how that goes…

2. Cook: You know its a bad situation if I’m cooking for any reason beyond my parental duty to feed my kids 3 meals a day. The ice storm had me bored out of my ever-loving mind! I tried 2 new recipes. Since it was freezing outside I was craving comfort food. Actually I was stuffing my face with anything I could find. I made Martha Stewart’s beef stew with noodles and crock-pot carne asada nachos from How Sweet It Is blog. I had high hopes for deliciousness but only the nachos made the cut. The stew was bland and no amount of doctoring could fix it.

3. Shop Online: Dreaming of warmer weather led to some online shopping for spring. And I had plenty of time to research best prices. The storm hit Monday and by Friday these beauties arrived from Nordstrom. They were even better in person- comfortable, the color is richer than the photo, and the leather is suede (I missed that somehow).

Here’s to a warmer week ahead!

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